Dayz is online Zombie games are getting more attention from the world’s gamers.

Dayz game takes players to a world where the disease is Zombie outbreak. You will have to find weapons to fight them or accept flee to retain their precious lives. Your goal then is to try to survive by searching for food alone, arms, shelter and fight back Zombie. five nights at freddy’s 3

In this war for survival, will not have any music game yet, all surrounding sounds are included in only one purpose, which is to create a sense of fear for the players. Seemingly safe place when the most dangerous in this game.

Dayz bring in a true experience for players in a fight for survival as you can comfortably explore the world around them. Trunk interface using maps with a “drag and drop” remain unchanged. You can increase the amount of space for the item by searching the backpack, baggy hooded …
Zombie in Dayz number is not much, so you can run around for an hour and did not see how well a Zombie. But suddenly, you can also see them hiding behind a certain door or thoắt hidden escape behind the forests.

But which players take precautions in the game is the presence of other players. Sometimes you can meet people who are very kind but also you can instantly fooled into firing range of a sniper guy somehow. Thus Dayz promote prudence in interactions with other players and give players experience new extreme. But life in Dayz “sub” so but you may also find their own teammates, cooperate with each other to survive in this chaotic world.


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There are very basic things that any player who also needed to combat, such as the following items:

- Knives homemade ice: There are not little reason for gamers to bring a homemade stone knife. Players can use it to Flay and snakehead game meat, openers, sacks cut into narrow strips to braid a camouflage jacket, even can use it as a weapon to attack other people.

- The injection of morphine: this is something extremely important, so important that players should collect them as much as possible, because in the 12:52, as fixed splint fractures have not been consistent, and limbs if fractures can fix this by morphine.

- Education canned nutrition is extremely great, energy supply and water most of all canned foods. In addition, canned peaches are extremely easy to find in supermarkets and residential areas.


- Tape ambulance / rag wrap: From the moment they were wounded need them because if left long it will take the blood and began appearing phenomenon dizziness, headache.

- Hatchets often / ax Fire: To create rudimentary fire must have sticks, and sticks to get gamers should have ax in hand. However, many people still prefer to use an ax to attack more because if logging zombies or fast opener will ax down, but if to kill zombies, there’s no problem at all.

- Matches: Matches can be used to fire heating, to generate light.

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