five nights at freddy’s 3 – Dead Rising game is a series of quality in every pretty, but it has never been featured in the horror genre games for fun colorful than its horrors. However, the 3rd edition of the series, Capcom Vancouver has had many changes and promises to give players a game Dead Rising 3 more gritty, more frightening and scary.

By Josh Bridges, executive producer of the series, said the scene in Dead Rising will be 10 years after the events of Dead Rising 2 occurs earlier. The new protagonist of Dead Rising game has changed. It was Nick Ramos, will have moments of difficulty than the predecessor lot. In the previous version, Zombie pretty stupid and gentle, but in version Dead Rising 3, they will be the real killing machine and many times frightening. Even better, they can emit sound to communicate with each other to help their power was growing. “It’s a true army – Army AI”, Josh Bridges said.


Game Dead Rising 3 will take place in the context of the city of Los Perdidos. This city was destroyed bomb, so players will only have a finite amount of time to complete the game, about 6 days per time in the game. If you want to try the thrills, you can drop to 3 days to participate in the challenge.


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Players can combine the available weapons in combat as you like to increase the damage, and to use the common shared inventory to have a life, “breathable” more. In normal mode, Dead Rising 3 will automatically be saved, but if you play 3 day classic mode, you can only save the game in the restrooms scattered throughout the city.

In the game Dead Rising, about less than a thousand zombies appear simultaneously on the screen. Dead Rising 2 more than this number a bit, but to Dead Rising 3, the number of zombies will increase 3 times in Dead Rising 2. “The number is not the issue, but important is what we can do” . Bridge Unveiled, the zombies will now have their own weight, so if you drive through a herd of zombies, the car will be very lost driving, not like before, “I go on my way” anymore. This is the new location and also the difficulties of the people involved in the game.

The new technology of Xbox Smart Glass One also been used in Dead Rising 3, this is an apps can be installed on smartphones, and thereby access to the special features of the game. In Dead Rising 3, smartphones can be used to view maps, positioning bomber to call a regional player wants. You can even use your hands to shove waved forward by Kinect zombies away or shouting to provoke us zombies. This is an interesting new details.

Part 3 of this series will be the hit zombie launching exclusively on Xbox One in November, but the tradition of Capcom, Dead Rising 3 game can also take the form of time-limited monopoly and then will available on other platforms.

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