BioShock is a shooter first-person view is revived on the mobile platform with the discovery of the city filled with horror creature. fnaf 3

After 7 years of appearing on PC and console platforms, gamers have the opportunity to become familiar with the game Bioshock on mobile platforms. But with the basic idea that Andrew Ryan – man with strange ideology with a lot of money was decided to build a city of their own water. A place where people can do what they want without shyness with government or religion (or ethics) in the way – and it was named Rapture.

In Bioshock game, players will play an unfortunate soul who finished his Jack in Rapture after a crash between the ocean and this brought him to the city full of gloomy creatures strange and horrible. Meet all kinds of genetically modified organisms weird here and see what remains of a once very prosperous city.

So what can help game Bioshock cling on mobile platforms such? Players can see the game Bioshock on mobile platforms is still of the Bioshock game many years ago. But there is still a game to be scaled down to fit on the phone and adjust the sensors accordingly.

The most amazing thing about the game is the game Bioshock remains storyline and gameplay similar to the original version of the fan of the cult shooter first time can play it anytime, anywhere and any when only came on the phone. The city named Rapture was now fit in the palm of the player and are waiting to be explored.


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However Bioshock game has not yet been transferred perfectly. Share pictures in the game is simple to go quite as expected, but even on the phone version looks nice to have a few then it certainly can not be the original by. Deficiencies in the environmental factors also influence on the air quite clearly in the game.

However, worth noting that the control system in the game Bioshock on the touch screen phone would probably not be favored by the handle on PC or Console system. There’s also plenty of space to look and aiming where all switching weapons or vehicles are located on a tiny screen.

Players will feel the inconvenience of having to switch between different weapons, see the interface looks strange game and especially can not pause the action switch weapons or Plasmid as players often do in version Game days ago. The result is that players will feel somewhat complicated game and desire that the player can press the game rather than touch control like this.


Bioshock game graphics also have little problem being reduced frame rate (framerate) because too many things to show on the screen, especially on the iPhone 5 and iPhone devices 5S. Obviously the game does not look beautiful as the original version.

Does Bioshock game should appear on the mobile platform or not, the game let themselves tested. If players do not have the opportunity to play on the system console or computer handle, this is a pretty cool way to experience also in this city of Rapture death – as long as not funny but awkward press shot is given.

BioShock on iOS operating system is still basically BioShock game, but this version still exists some problems should not become a game “perfect” when compared with previous day version. It must be very long it controls on new mobile is perfect. Although this game is very attractive but should still be improved further after appearing on mobile.

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