fnaf3 - The title, The Walking Dead: Season One has quickly conquered the most discerning fans of the genre horror adventure game. This really is the name made hearts flutter countless gamers, leaving a nostalgia, a sigh in the post-apocalyptic setting, where apparently people – enemies are facing the extinction casualties are becoming harsher than male undead lurking outside.

 The Walking Dead: Season One is Telltale Games built as a diary, a book where players can relatively tac..co be felt through every circumstance.

Game The Walking Dead: Season One takes place in apocalyptic fiction where people faced starvation species and ferocious zombies. Here, you will accompany named Lee Everett character. He is a suspect is on the road escorted by police but accidentally crashed, pushed him to survive the journey to find the last refuge in this game. Lee will accompany Clementine, an eight year old girl brought hope see her parents again, a little girl with paper-white soul, a true mirror reflecting everything, good and evil actions of players throughout the length of this horror game.


The style of The Walking Dead: Season One clear reflection with the law of causality from the real world, where all options will leads to the streets and different outcomes. If you are a good choice would be a good outcome, and vice versa. This is expressed through the system bold dialogue between the player and the characters in the game. They are always looking forward to the responses, the responses from you .. In many cases, they’ll remember to make it a day to express their thoughts through a negative attitude or positive. Sometimes with The Walking Dead: Season One, a few words may well decide who goes one among companion, who also steered who live in the harsh world full of death waiting. This factor also contributes to making the game more lively and attractive.



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Journey in a world where danger assemble, players also always faced adversity countless requires skill and reflexes sharp. For example, when you need to guide precision weapons to the head zombie or repeating a quick movements to escape successfully when the unfortunate clash with dangerous enemies.

Despite these advantages available, what game The Walking Dead: Season One and Telltale Games feel most proud is still arranging circumstances, adjust tempo and soul into the game storyline. You will feel this clearly when gaming. Sometimes players will feel the peace after the storms, to focus on the simple job after high winds, but was not at times dramatic propelled, high climax, bringing players to the correspond to a plot to remove bottlenecks.

The Walking Dead: Season One still possesses an interesting feature connecting gamers across the community. Whenever passing a set (episode) in The Walking Dead: Season One, developer summarizes the options and the results from the game, since you belong to or what gamers parts, the part number east or the few, to the characters remain, the characters left. This is really a creative element indirectly created links between community players and stimulates curiosity on the individual and create drama to the game.
No luxuries with the government so detailed 3D or realistic shader technology, The Walking Dead: Season One point alone by a bold art style western comic and blowing paint through each eye. The Walking Dead: Season One also owns himself a sound foundation of quality. From the voice to the soundtrack, game are shown very successful, blowing of mourning, gloomy and stifling on an apocalyptic world which make a good impression.

Join this game to experience moments of creepy but very interesting and novel.

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