fnaf3 - Recently, the developer of the hit game Psychoz Interactive has announced that the latest mobile game they called Forgotten Memories (full name is the Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities) will debut released in the next day on 23/4 phone devices iOS and only a day later, the game will set foot on the platform for Android and PS Vita. This is a good news for the believers horror game this summer.

Reportedly, Forgotten Memories game is a simulation RPG elements mixed with horror. Through trailer, the player can recognize immediately that this game possesses a puzzle game challenging financial speculation observations and minds of players. Besides, the game graphics technology designed by advanced 3D Unity gives gamers sharper images, authentic, appealing to every detail. Promises to the game launched, this gives players the thrill, dramatic but no less interesting to you satisfied to discover.

Participate in this horror game, players will play the girl named Rose Hawkins network – our main character is a refugee capital looks quite dirty and miserable. She woke up in a dark place full of creepy mannequins. Besides, she also discovers his brother has lost. And the task of the participating game would be to follow her trail to find her missing sister that poor little on. This is not an easy challenge, however, if you try you will. The enemy always lurking around you. So be vigilant with them.

 The context of this horror game inspired by horror games of the 90s such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark.


Link : http://fnaf310.weebly.com/

Wilfried Marcadet – producer and director of game ideas Forgotten Memories, said: “Our main objective is to create a mobile game can reach the quality of the game on a console. And in 3 years of development, we were very excited and proud to be able to bring the ultimate image set foot on mobile “. We can say this game is the one thing that really likes Wilfried Marcadet.
Currently, Forgotten Memories is a convergence full all the hallmarks of an adventure thriller, from spooky element to the sound effects caused obsessive cause any gamer should experience little while once startled panic. Try to help her Rose Hawkins overcome these challenges and overcome their own fears to find his sister and escape from this terrible hell.

Although nascent, but forgotten Memories is a horror game mobile professionals appreciate the graphics background dark, cold, but equally exquisite to goosebumps. This should be a very worthy titles available on the mobile phone of the players ‘hard’ love adventure and especially love the spooky, creepy from the horror game. The game’s sound is also very whimsical design that delivers a new experience for the participants. So you have to be prepared mentally to not leave steel device that ran offline.
Forgotten Memories Show has officially available on mobile devices running iOS for $ 4.99. Quick updates on to play soon.

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