Origins game Slender Man 3 fully convergent elements of the horror genre combines puzzle gameplay with easy point-n-click game. five nights at freddy’s 3

Perhaps the name Slender Man was no longer strangers to all of us through each story haunting, horror films that we had once been heard. And in turn 3 game Slender Man Origins is not only a game about this dreadful man. Slender Man man often appears as a tall man in a black suit or the gray, red or black tie and white shirt, no eyes, mouth, or clearly identified on the site scary face. This character usually appears suddenly and haunt you live in fear …

Currently, the game Slender Man Origins 3 is the next version of horror game series released by the company Bigzur. In the new version this attractive, players will come to a house haunted school. So the city council decided to close the school due to the disappearance of the student hidden. The school children begin disappearing from a school a very unusual way. All the search for them is futile: police efforts have failed, and the local authorities closed the schools. It has become the abandoned area. Years later, the heroine of the game to learn again through his dreams, and try to rescue the stolen souls of lost children.


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Gamers will be transformed into a girl, was taken to the school through his dreams. Lofty duties weighing on his shoulders, the player must rescue myself as well as the soul of the student being held at this place …
Horror adventure game full of challenges that you must solve in order to complete the game. For some people, having actually found them quite frightening. You will have to find the 5 keys are hidden everywhere in the school before the terrifying threat of guy Slender Man. Source life will decrease by a column displayed on the screen play corner.

Graphics is what the first player to the horror game Slender Man Origins and 3 is no exception. In order to bring the most haunting, game developers are meticulously cared for 3D graphics murky background, the scenery, the furniture are detailed castigate possible. Sounds game also left a strong impression and invest carefully to every little sound like old door long hours day, hour heart rate and breathing character especially noises scare the sudden appearance of the spirit soul. All of them cover a real atmosphere of fear.

 As usual, Bigzur company launched a free version and a full version of Slender Man Origins 3.
Download the full paid version will only cost $ 0.99 now. Both versions are optional IAP is good but you do get the full game when you purchase the paid version. Anyway, the free version still no less interesting for players to challenge. Along the game installed and connected manually overcome fear to win yourself will you do?

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