fnaf3 – Hard to believe in an evaluation sheet for the game, but if there is a combination of many different evaluation boards of the fame game news site, why? Certainly worth of game that will let you ponder appearance. This is true with the game Dead Space 2. When the tester’s comments launched intermingled fans with the impressive and admired, people have little doubt, however, that now has passed.

Specifically, Joystiq Dead Space 2 game praise that: Although not the original away from the horror, but the initial accursed Dead Space 2 has enough potential to become one of the games best horror action now in. In short, fans of horror games were found matching your stuff perfectly. 4/5 score that Joystiq dedicate simply because Dead Space was too successful to be able to make his brother fully achieve the maximum score.

Meanwhile Destructoid more generous when the game Dead Space 2 to 9.5 / 10 points with the highly appreciated line of graphical terms, environmental design and surroundings. Simply, Dead Space 2 is Dead Space has been edited in a way the most delicate and threatened people with impressive abilities as possible.

IGN info appreciated the replay value of the game Dead Space 2. IGN said that the gravity weapon can be upgraded to reach the most attractive levels that players can feel is the reason Whether it is due to complete the game, still want to play again. Add to that dozens of outfits (of course there are bonuses included) need to “unlock”. So, we have one more reason to try to go to a certain screen in Dead Space 2 instead of pity farewell game because “nothing to do”.


Link : http://fnaf310.weebly.com/blog/five-nights-at-pass-freddys-dead-space-2-was-crowned-in-horror-games

Edge (9/10 points) emphasis on the difficulty of Dead Space 2 and said that this has made the veteran fan of this series really impressed. Not only that, Visceral Games has been extremely successful in building control system / movement of comfortable game for players now continuing to do that with Dead Space 2. So, the difficulty of the game is very high but did not cause feeling disgruntled players as hard to control, but on the contrary, gives gamers the feeling like to be conquered again.

Dead Space 2 Gamersmint donated 4.5 / 5 points and indicates that factors makes Dead Space 2 or more compared to their predecessors is that Visceral Games had to know how to “expand” the game literally and figuratively. Literally it is because gaming environment with a diversity of monsters / enemies / costumes / weapons are extremely diverse, than those who came before him. And figuratively it was because the game was towards another aspect of horror game, expanding the notion familiar people still unfamiliar with Dead Space. Add to that the multiplayer section exciting and attracted well deserved as indisputable plus point of the game.

In summary, through what the celebrity news site reviews, can ensure that Dead Space 2 will not only grasp the title worth playing in 2011 but it is possible in the list of nominees for the best game this year.

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