Independent developers still could not be more eloquent proof that in order to become a successful game, the only thing she needs – is to be unique and interesting and popular enough it itself. fnaf 3

That game developer «Five Nights at Freddy’s» Coughton named Scott did not create another shooter or strategy and created a unique project in the genre of “horror”. The first part of the game telling us about the young guard, who found work at a small pizzeria. Visitors to the restaurant lured using robots in suits of all kinds of animals – bears, dogs and cats (and sometimes people in the advertising of such costumes can be found in shopping centers).

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Actually, these robots costumes were the main wealth of pizzerias and so they are always guarded with special attention, to the point that in the storage rooms of these suits were installed cameras. But who would have thought that these animatoroniki nightly live their lives and now our hero is in danger! In the first part, we had to help him get through the week. The second part is not far removed from its predecessor, but the story she became the first part of a prequel.

It is difficult to explain the whole gameplay, but it is based on deception and trickery – in order to survive, players will have to continually think and react to changing conditions. Coupled with the sudden influx of adrenalin (when strongly monsters will appear in your field of vision), the problem becomes very difficult, and sometimes impossible. Developers have tried to change the gameplay so that «Five Nights at Freddy’s 2″ on Android has the most replay value of the game – so it can be held in different ways several times.

Appearance “freddis 2″ remains at the level of the first part. We’re just going to wander around the office sloppy, poking around in the hellish mess and get away from the creepy creatures. If you start to meticulously compare the first and second parts of the graph, then of course you can find a lot of small differences in favor of a sequel, but the newcomers are unlikely to appreciate the graphics of this game.

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